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Term life insurance is a common type of insurance policy in Alaska. This type of coverage is offered for a limited period of time. In Alaska, the term of the policy can be anywhere between 1 year to 30 years. Most life insurance companies offer a term life insurance quotes for a standard period of 10 years and 20 years. Term insurance is a preferred policy for many individuals in the state. Advantages for term life insurance quotesIt is a smarter decision to opt for term life insurance quotes in Alaska as it has several advantages over other insurance systems. -    In this type of policy, premiums are much lower than other types of insurance policies, at least at the initial stages. In Alaska, it is 4-5 times cheaper than the whole life insurance cover. Therefore, by opting for this cover, you can save a lot on the insurance premiums. The money in turn, can be invested in any other investments such as mutual funds or stocks etc. that offer a much higher RoI.-    Another advantage of term insurance cover is that if the person happens to die within the insurance term, he will get back all the premiums that are not offered in other types of insurance covers.-    Term insurance policies are ideal for covering some of your specific needs. These may include something like paying your education bills, a car loan or a mortgage etc that will be paid within a short period of time. Comparing term life insurance quotesIn order to get the best term life insurance quotes in Alaska, it is important for you to compare the quotes you have collected from at least 5-6 life insurance companies. You should ideally follow certain steps.-    First you need to decide on the amount of coverage that is required by your beneficiaries. Consider factors such as burial expenses, mortgage repayment, credit card bills and other debts as well as all the other expenses needed for your beneficiaries for a specific period of time. Look for quotes that include these areas and give you the best deal on your term life insurance cover.-    It is important to compare the monthly premium for identical policies of different life insurance companies. You can make a great comparison online by going to any quotes comparison websites and also by checking the ratings of individual insurance companies. This will also give you an idea about the company's claims handling policies.-    Determine till how long you want the policy to continue. In term life insurance policy, even if you die after a day the policy expired, you will not get anything from the cover. If the policy has a longer duration, its monthly payments will be much higher. So keep the duration in mind before asking for quotes.-    Monthly premiums for term life policy in Alaska are also determined by your age and health conditions. Younger people get a much lower quote on this type of policy. Healthy people can also expect a cheaper quote than those with a poor health record.]]>
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Before you get your life insurance application approved, you need to undergo a medical test in most states in the US, including Alaska, to prove that you are an insurable applicant. This is applicable to all types of policies including whole life insurance, universal life insurance, or term life insurance application. However, according to the insurance laws in some states, there are certain types of life insurance policies that do not require any medical examination.

These are known as no exam life insurance policies. The Alaska Insurance Laws also permit no exam life insurance policies for certain covers.There are a number of life insurance companies in Alaska that offer quotes on no-exam life insurance policies. However, before you ask for quotes, you should learn up about the policy in the state, its benefits and why you should go for it.Terms for no exam policiesA no-exam life insurance policy can be offered on one of the following terms in Alaska. These include simplified issue life insurance, guaranteed issue life insurance and graded benefit life insurance.

There are several life insurance companies that offer simplified issue life insurance, where no medical examination or record is required. However, the prospective policy holder has to inform about his medical history verbally in front of the insurance officer or agent when applying for a life insurance cover. You will also come across some guaranteed issue life insurers in the state, who would not even question your medical history or ask for report. They generally offer you a cover if your age, credit scores and other terms agree with their requirement.

Some insurers also offer graded benefit life insurance. This type of life insurance cover is targeted to the middle-aged and elderly residents of Alaska and do not require medical history. However, its terms of purchase are more complicated and not everyone can avail this cover.Benefits of no-exam life insuranceThe key benefit of a no-exam life insurance is that the application process is extremely fast. After offering quotes and sending out the application, general life insurance covers in Alaska may take 35-40 days to get approved. In contrast, a no-exam life insurance policy approves your life insurance policy only in a few days.

​You can also go for a no-exam cover in Alaska, if because of some medical grounds such as poor health and old age your general life insurance cover did not get approved. This form of insurance would also provide financial security to the policy holder's beneficiary and cover his funeral costs. Getting quotes for no-exam life insuranceNo-exam life insurance covers are expensive for the simple reason they are convenient and fast to get. However, insurance companies in Alaska still check your eligibility criteria. Your aim will anyways be to provide the necessary information to get the best deal. You would be requested to fill in a questionnaire having information about your age, gender and current health status. Mostly young and healthy individuals qualify for this policy in Alaska. However, if you provide false information to get the quotes, your policy can be cancelled anytime.]]>